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Health and Safety

Prior to travel to Peru, The Company recommends Client’s get the following vaccinations (Yellow Fever, Hepatitis-A, Hepatitis-B) and seek professional medical advice with regards to Malaria, Dengue fever, and Chikungunya. General health advice for travelers to Peru can also be found on the following websites:

US Gov – Center for Disease Control and Prevention (

UK Gov – National Travel Health Network and Centre (


The Company management team, and anyone else working in association with The Company, cannot be held responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur in connection with any part of, or services connected with The Client’s visit. In the absence of more qualified medical assistance, The Company’s employees and staff will, to the best of their knowledge and ability, provide First Aid support if and when needed.


By reading the Terms and Conditions, The Client agrees not to take any legal proceedings against The Company or its employees as a result of any First Aid treatment, advice, information or medicines given or administered during The Client’s time spent on a workshop, tour, expedition or other travel-related product or service.




It is compulsory that Clients have personal health and travel insurance. It is The Client’s responsibility to obtain sufficient personal travel and health insurance prior to their travel to a Company-organised workshop, tour, expedition or other travel-related product or service. The Company recommends taking out specific or additional insurance in case of damage or theft of personal photography equipment. The Client is willing to accept full responsibility for insurance up to limits that The Client may require. This insurance should cover personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of effects, repatriation costs and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury delay or inconvenience occurring to The Client and/or loss or damage to personal possessions and effects (e.g. photography equipment). When obtaining travel insurance The Client must ensure that the insurer is aware of the type of travel to be undertaken.