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Our Mission

Untamed Photography strives to promote wildlife conservation through photography and videography in one of the most vital ecosystems on planet Earth. Offering wildlife photography workshops/tours and internships, we aim to teach professional photography skills along with biological information of the ecosystem. Our goal is  to protect the Amazon Rainforest by sharing our imagery to the rest of the world.

Meet Our Leaders

Mark  A . Fernley

Director, Wildlife Photographer & Project Manager

  British Wildlife Photographer Mark Fernley, age 30, has been traveling the world since he was just a young boy. At the age of 14, he was on a family vacation when reality sunk in. In the everglades of Florida, he fell in love with Wildlife Photography. His first subject: a mother alligator with hatchlings sunbathing on her head and neck. Something about this moment would changed this young man’s life forever. Since then, he has focused his career on wildlife photography working with conservation organizations around the world. 

     This has allowed Fernley to not just grow as a photographer, but he has had the honor to work first-hand with conservation specialist and biologist from all over the world. 

     At age 18, Fernley set off to Botswana to work with a conservation group that was studying the migration patterns of elephants in the area. After four years of studying elephants and photographing everything that came his way, he decided to move on to a new location. 

Costa Rica was next on his agenda where he spent time working on the coast with sea turtles and other wildlife in the area. He then ventured down to South America where he currently lives in the lowland Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Fernley has been working with multiple different conservation agencies for the past seven years in the Amazon Rainforest, promoting wildlife conservation and awareness around the world.        

     Within recent years, Fernley has stamped his name all over the web with some of his unique photography projects including:  Macro Photography of insects, Scales of the Amazon, Bats in Motion, and his most publicized project, the Mirror Image Stimulation Study (M.I.S.S.) that focuses on the competitive recognition of Neotropical Big Cats in the lowland Peruvian Amazon.

     Fernley has had a very successful career as a Wildlife Photographer. At age 18, Fernley placed 2nd in the infamous international Shell Wildlife Photographer of the year competition. Since, Fernley has been published in National Geographic, The Daily Mail, and he has been on the BBC radio to name a few.

Jaren  H.  Arellano

Logistics Manager & Photographer

From an early age, Jaren Arellano, from Michigan, USA has always had a passion for wildlife and neotropical species in particular. Her passion for wildlife photography has driven her to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon where she has become a keen enthusiast for the Amazon’s wildlife and conservation.


Currently, outside of wildlife photography Jaren has traveled the world in search of indigenous tribes and cultures to study their ways of living. In particular, Jaren has spent time with the tribes of the Omo Valley such as the Hammar Tribe, Mursi Tribe and the Dassanech Tribe. Her ability to seek out tribes of the lost worlds has led her to writing. She writes to spread awareness of the problems that these cultures face in order to protect their traditional ways of living.


Jaren continues to travel through the African continent in search of lost tribes that she continues to photograph and document the problems they face with the outside invasion of modernization and development.


Outside of Africa, Jaren explores the Amazon rainforest with her writing and camera to explore ad document the problems that the rainforest is currently facing. While running Untamed Photography with Mark, she continues to write about the logging, gold mining and cattle farming problems that we face here in loss of rainforest.


Here, Jaren will spread awareness and provide material to an Australian Television channel named The Eco Channel. On this channel her goal is to spread awareness of all problems we face here in the Amazon Rainforest and other parts of the world alongside Mark and interns of Untamed Photography.

Our Location

We are located in the southwestern part of the Amazon Rainforest, the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet. We run our workshops/tours and internships in Madre de Dios Region of Peru, known as the bio-diverse capital of the country. In the southeast of Peru, our clients are taken to some of the most remote and untouched parts of jungle. Our tours start in Puerto Maldonado, a small city in the Amazon Rainforest, where you can easily fly from the capital city Lima, or fly (or bus) from the famous tourist destination of Cuzco. After your arrival to Puerto Maldonado, you will be taken hours outside of town, deep into the Amazon where you will be surrounded by wildlife. The journey into the Rainforest is amazing in itself, for spotting animals on the banks of the river is high and this is the best opportunity to see species such as caiman, hundreds of species of bird, capybara, and even the infamous jaguar. We are located on a small tributary where human life is minimal and wildlife is abundant. During your stay, you will be immersed with fauna and flora from start to finish. Our sites are surrounded by rainforest and with open walls, the relaxing sounds of the Rainforest will give you the best night sleep you have ever had. You will venture through the dense Rainforest with seasoned guides that will teach more than just photography techniques. We strive to promote wildlife conservation and inform our guests of the importance of the Amazon Rainforest. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable of the species in the region and do their best to share their knowledge with you. The more we know about the Amazon Rainforest, the more we can appreciate and protect it. 

Ethical Wildlife Photography

All photography done by Untamed Photography is done ethically. Our goal is to not only capture amazing photographs, but at the end of the day, we want to spread awareness of the impact that humans around the world have on these animals. Working alongside biologists we have educated ourselves to know what could potentially put an animal in danger while photographing it. Each species is different and each animal of a species is different. We take every aspect into consideration before moving in to get our shot. We take pride in having this knowledge, for working with such amazing and rare species, we want to not only photograph them, but learn from them and protect them as well.  


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